Ladies and Gentlemen,
I'd love it if you would like to record your fond memories of that metal working school, weird stories of things that happened at that metal working school, realizations you had while attending one of our classes or workshops, epiphanies you experienced while enjoying that metal working school and whatever else comes to mind that you'd like to share.
Please email your written comments to: We'll post them here on this blog to share with everyone.
This is a great way to mourn our loss and celebrate our accomplishments.


Here's one you can post:

Holly, I am so incredibly sad to hear of SmartShop's closing. All the great Art Hops, all the great bands, the great live forging (in prom dresses, no less) and the outstanding welding workshop where I set myself on fire. You calmly patted me out, and said "That's okay, at least one person does it every workshop. Now we've got that out of the way." You literally loaned me the shirt off your back, turned me around, and sent me back to play with Lola the MiG welder. I'll never forget that, nor will I ever forget the great time I had making scrap metal sculptures. I only wish that I'd been able to take many more classes with you.

Be as well as you can, kind friend, and hope for that miracle.

Jane Irwin

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