Ladies and Gentlemen,
I'd love it if you would like to record your fond memories of that metal working school, weird stories of things that happened at that metal working school, realizations you had while attending one of our classes or workshops, epiphanies you experienced while enjoying that metal working school and whatever else comes to mind that you'd like to share.
Please email your written comments to: We'll post them here on this blog to share with everyone.
This is a great way to mourn our loss and celebrate our accomplishments.


Holly's Mom has a bit to say.

As Holly's Mother I recall very well the opening of the original that metal working school.  What a thrill!   The community came out in droves filling the parking lot to overflowing within the first hour.  They bought lots of artwork and brought energy into the project.  It was electric.  I've watched Holly work endlessly and sacrifice everything to have her vision realized of helping people make art.  When she suffered the extreme disappointment of losing the lease on the building of the original that metal working school it seemed that it was over.  But Holly was determined to continue and applied all her ingenuity to create something even better.  Wow, she succeeded solely with her own intellect, business acumen and lots of help from friends and a supportive community.  That metal working school grew into something bigger than life.  You don't do that without artistic intellect, a good business head and teaching ability.  I was excited when the business was reorganized with the intent of making it possible for Holly to do more artwork and less management.
I cannot begin to describe the impact this has had on Holly and will have on each person she has touched. When you know Holly, you have been exposed to a force that changes your life.  I'm confident that she will find new ways to reach out and share her special talents and she will land on her feet because of who she is and the skills and abilities that she has developed.  It is just so very tragic to see that metal working school close; not just Holly but the whole community loses with closing such a dynamic organization.

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