Ladies and Gentlemen,
I'd love it if you would like to record your fond memories of that metal working school, weird stories of things that happened at that metal working school, realizations you had while attending one of our classes or workshops, epiphanies you experienced while enjoying that metal working school and whatever else comes to mind that you'd like to share.
Please email your written comments to: We'll post them here on this blog to share with everyone.
This is a great way to mourn our loss and celebrate our accomplishments.


Please post:

When I came to your first shop on Pitcher Street and talked with you about taking a welding class, I got so excited!  A woman in her 50's thinking I get to do some new and exciting.  The first pieces I made in welding class are proudly displayed at ours and friends homes...even the horse sign that looks like a donkey, but my friends display it with pride!  I loved the first Art Hops when Rick and his partner would show up in the Big Red always created a ruckus!  When you moved to the new center, the Art Hops were the "BEST OF TOWN" always something wonderful happening...the throw a bottle in the lower level, what a great release for the week!  The time you used the guns to make a new and awesome peace sculpture.  That night my best friend asked me to take a blacksmith class with her, the best memories were made with the help of you and your Smartshop!  It can't be true, we don't want to see it go, it's to beautiful, my heart is so saddened for you and for the Kalamazoo Community it will live on, so many wonderful memories! 
Love you,
Phylllis & Rick

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